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Travelex Trip and Med Insurance

You may purchase  your policy from this site, or email Rusty to do so for you, or call Travelex at 800.228.9792

What is a Ri?

"Ri" is a Tibetan word that means a high place with a view; a place with prayer flags fluttering in the wind; a place to be quiet and to enjoy. 

Fun travel starts early, and if the food is really good ... It's usually messy.

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RiAdvTvl loves helping travelers explore their planet, we really enjoy doing so. Contact us for advice about gear, the weather options, and "must do, don't miss" features of destinations when visiting Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, China, the wonderful Galapagos and beautiful Amazon Basin.  
RiAdvTvl specializes in destinations and experiences that are challenging for travelers to arrange themselves. We're here to assist you in visiting much of Asia and Ecuador and Peru too. 
Who is Rusty?
He is a traveler, and formally Rusty worked at REI for over 35 years. I created REI Adventures in the 80's, and directed many adventures around our planet for several decades, specializing the more specialized locations within Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, China, Ecuador and Peru.
You Can Begin by..
asking questions or reserving your adventure. Just contact RiAdvTvl LLC. Contact and Email information is below, call, mail or email. 
TRIP APPLICATION, Click Here when you are ready to reserve your adventure. Print the application, fill in, and mail the application along with your trip deposit to the address provided. If your payment is coming by way of; great, please increase that payment by 3%, and Pay-pal will let us know of your payment. On receipt of your application and payment, your PrepToGo package will be sent to you promptly.
RiAdvTvl is all about getting folks out traveling, sometimes that means just providing some advice, so, just contact us.
DESTINATIONS, Click Here to learn more about a destination, and why you wish to go there, where ever. 
Click on ADVENTURES to see specific trip adventures, just scroll down to the destination you are interested in. 
Click on RustyHints to learn more about a variety of questions/concerns/challenges many travelers have about travel topics like: Electricity and gadgets; Luggage; health; safety; gear, and other travel advice


Mark H

This was my 3rd adventure with Ri and Rusty, Myanmar, then Galapagos lodges and then Traverse Asia from Beijing to Kathmandu ... wow, amazing highlights trip. Train from China to Lhasa, then Mt Everest hiking, then cycling in Kathmandu was "organized chaos" and so much fun. Large smile, thanks Rusty


Joanne T.

Rusty absolutely excels at finding the most interesting cultural and nature experiences, and ... This trip gave me a new understanding of what an amazing country Peru is! Galapagos and then Machu Picchu and family stays on an island at Lake Titicaca ... totally amazing. He even got us into the home of Maximo Laura to see his weavings. wow, thanks Mr R

Galapagos Islands Honeymoon smile

Joanne W

Rusty absolutely excels at finding the most interesting cultural experiences, and ... This trip gave me a new understanding of what an amazing country Peru is!

Buddanath Stupa 2 Lamas .jpg

Don S

There just is no place like the Galapagos. Amazing animals and habitats to learn about, lagoons and beaches to swim and snorkel, the beautiful night sky, watching a flying fish being chased by a sea lions being chased by a shark next to our boat.  Rusty has been to the Galapagos many times and never loses his enthusiasm for the many animals and places to see.

Herb D

The whole Bhutan trip was a wonder, and we came home with tons of photos. There were photos in and around the white monasteries, the local folks home in Ringar, of the archery, everywhere. Loved it Rusty. Thanks. 

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