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A Message from Rusty



My name is Rusty, owner and senior guide of Ri Adventure Travel LLC

Our specialty are repeatable trips, trips our travelers wish to do again. Our trips and treks, as well as our tours are active, and that means "we get out of the bus" and get a bit sweaty.  Smile

Trip expletives like, “wow, that’s amazing”, “ooh, wow, look at that”, “wow, that’s incredible”; soon it’s apparent that “wow” plays an important role in the vocabulary of conversations, your diary, and on video.


Adventures should be both rewarding, and worthy of bragging rights. Eventually our guests simply explain their travel experience as a “wow”. 

Unafraid Galapagos wildlife; Amazon spider monkeys; towering white Himalayan peaks; trying your hand at grinding corn with a Nepalese villager; or watching and photographing the dances of costumed Bhutanese lamas performing a centuries old ritual will often produce a "WoW" from our travelers. 

Seeing a remote portion of the Great Wall undulating across the landscape for as far as the eye can see is a WoW experience.


Walking to the summit of Mt Huashan in China on a trail like non you have ever walked, will be a WoW experience.


Watching in Bhutan an archery contest, with a white dzong and Monastery in the background will create some laughter and a WoW experience.  (We wont tell you why there's laughter, you'll have to see for your self. smile)


In the Galapagos Islands watching 400 dolphins flip and play, dance and hunt around your boat will be a WoW experience.


When stopping to quietly admire sword-bill hummingbirds in Ecuador I am asked “Rusty how do you know a trip is a great trip”. I smile, I love this question. The answer is easy,  “besides the smiles on everyone’s face, I look for how often we all use our cameras. Whether it’s wildlife or culture or scenery or a combination of these, the atmosphere of “I have to use a camera and show everyone at home this” ... that is when the adventure is a “wow trip”. 

Ri Adventures Travel specializes in the “wow factor”. 

Contributing to “wow" are important features like a talented and experienced trip leader, logistics preparation, listening to our guests needs & wishes and of course great communication of expectations. Decades of experience between Ri staff and our partners in the field consistently takes care of ensuring a “wow” experience. 

Call us with your questions. Enjoy the day and thank you for the visit. 

Tashi Dalek, Rusty


Over 36 Years Adventure Travel Knowledge


Tailor-Made Adventures


We Create Adventures Where We Have Been, With Guides We Know


"... Bhutan was as diverse, as expected, but still so cool to see. To be introduced to lamas was really special. Dorje id'd birds like crazy everyday, and that was cool too.  Tashi dalek

- Don M -

“Our honeymoon in the Galapagos was fantastic. We were in the water everyday, there were penguins, and turtles. The Food was great. I loved not making the bed, ha. Great times. Thanks


Doreen H

“For me I enjoyed not only the huge mountains but the cultural contact like with the ladies of Baktapur making pottery. Then our guide Thuptin Sherpa taking us inside the monasteries to show not only his passion for Buddhism but that he spent many years as a monk and I loved hearing his stories and explanations. It all made so much more sense.  Namaste 


- Bill K -

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