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BEST OF NEPAL with Dr Don Messerschmidt
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Best of Everest  with Rusty
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Entering Nepal requires a visa.
* Bring two passport images with you to Nepal. 
* Bring $40 USD with you. 
* You can obtain a visa as you enter the Kathmandu airport.  There are Visa machines on your left on entering the terminal. Answer the questionnaire, pull out your passport image, your passport, cash, and proceed to the officer against the far wall to obtain your visa stamped into your passport. 
* Pass through immigration's, claim your luggage, pass through customs and you're in the main hall. 
* Cash some USD if you like or go outside to meet our Sherpa staff and go have an excellent adventure.
When To Go? March/April/May and some of June. Later October and vember. Other months are wet or cold.
What's it like there?
Everything is Really OLD.
Temples, carvings. Buildings. Religions. Shining White Mountains
Hindu Gods. Buddhist Avatars. Sadhu Holy men covered in ash.
Colorful crowded markets. Haggling shop keepers. Ringing bicycle bells. Noise. Cows, pigeons, dogs, numerous cultures, ways of dress and facial types from across Nepal.
2000 years ago Persian and Chinese explorers describe a valley in the Himalaya with a huge white stupa on a hill with many monkeys. That was the valley and city of Kathmandu.
Depart the city and you are transported onto trails, terraced slopes thousands of feet high/deep. Quiet except for a farmers chicken or barking dog, or mooing cow. Walking the trails is a joy.
Nepal is friendly, has kind people and is a repeatable destination.
How Do I Get To Nepal and What Can I Do There?
a) You can overland from India, but 99.2% of travelers arrive via flights from Bangkok, Delhi, Seoul, and China too. Lots of flights are available. 
(Personally I like to travel via (Bkk) Bangkok as the city is fun; food, markets, sights, photogenic .. did I mention the worlds best food?)
In Nepal most travelers come to experience a destination that in many places is like it was hundreds of years ago, like it came out of a story book. Sure there are now cars, a tangle of of electrical wires and cell phones too, but a half hour bicycle ride will take you onto quiet paths, among terraced rice paddies, among chanting Tibetan monks, and temples of old. 
The Buddha was born here in Nepal, in the lowlands 2600 years ago. You can visit his birth place, perhaps enjoy Chitwan NP and the wildlife too. 
You can of course go trekking among 10 of the worlds highest summits, including Mt Everest.
Ri Adventure Travel offers trips in Nepal and a custom trip for two or more travelers are readily possible ... 
Just contact Rusty for a chat, a quote and a "trip of a lifetime experience."
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